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To promote development through entrepreneurship and innovation is in our DNA.


At Floyd Davis we speak the language of entrepreneurs, financial investors and impact investors. We team up with startups & scaleups, and with investors to understand how they can match.

We follow enterprises’ growth patterns to understand their impact and growth potential. Then we work together to draw a clear path to impact and profitability that enables the communication flow with investors. Think about strategy formulation, impact analysis and measurement, financial structuring, valuation, conversion processes or data analytics. Once the company is investment ready, we support entrepreneurs communicating with investors guide them through the process until they get the funds needed to scale.

Recently, we supported a company working on energy transition that needed funds to scale up. Our team found an investor that focuses on funding enterprises working on scaling the energy transition. By teaming up with the company and the investor, we helped to structure a loan that follows the growth pattern of that company. We helped the company to focus on monitoring cash flows and predicting cash flow needs in the longer term. We also helped to price their services and protect margins. As a result, the funds needed for the growth in the next couple of years is secured.

impact investors


We believe that research must be hand in hand with practice.

In the last decade, the interest in impact investing has rapidly grown. However, gaps in how we look at impact remain. We work with several universities to expand knowledge about impact, impact investing and the link between the private and the development sectors to achieve the SDGs.

We focus on sustainable finance and local development. Our research serves entrepreneurs, investors, corporations and policymakers.

Check out our latest academic research.

impact investors


We support impact ideas to click off

There are many specialists with ideas that have the potential to generate impact. However, they struggle to develop them into sustainable businesses. We leverage our network of experts from across the industrial spectrum and add value in the form of time, skills, strategy and capital to kick start impact enterprises.

Are you an open-minded specialist willing to go out of your comfort zone? Are you curious about finding ways to develop your idea into a sustainable business?

Let’s talk!

Once a month we meet with specialists to learn from their developments and share some advice on what their next step could be.

impact investors

impact investors